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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, February 10, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 ALONEINSPADES Looks like a longshot again, having been no serious threat to these of late. Might need additional class relief before we see him near the winner's circle again.
2 DRUNKEN TERROR Nap had a choice in here, and opted for this reclaim over #6. That's a big call! Horse was used up in the pace battle last time, but don't be too hard on him. Gets a good post here. Only needs smoother journey.
3 GLASS PRINCE Won the last time he was here, so we shouldn't discount that. The Yonkers 15's were probably a little too tough. I think he fits this group for Eric C and he'll probably offer a price too! Not completely out of it.
4 TERROR OF THE NITE Going pretty well right now against the 10's, and now racing for new barn off the claim. Gelding packs a wicked turn of speed and plots for a nice trip here. Might also offer a touch of value with Kyle.
5 DR C'S Z TAM Never really entered the fray from an outer post last week. Okay. Gets a midpack spot this time, with a potentially solid pace to move into. Tell me they battle it out up front and I'll tell you this guy may get a piece.
6 EVERY INTENTION Another in here that's going pretty well right now. But, we can't like that Nap opted off this week. He'd driven this guy pretty regularly. I guess I don't see him blasting, so he'll be at mercy of pace and trip tonight.
7 IDEAL SHADOW This is the key to the race, but also a BIG question mark! The scratch is a big problem. And nothing less than an A-1 effort will beat these from the outside post. If he's good, he can win. But, if he's not, underlay price.
8 R M BLACKHAWK Not really sure what to expect from this guy either! Needless to say, consistency is not one of his best assets, but when he's good, he's more than good enough to win. The post hurts. Will he fire out, or not?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 THE FIRE WITHIN Finally gets a break from the post gods, and gets a class drop too! That usually IS a recipe for success, so it might be time to hop on board this one. I don't see any other killers in here. Send him, Andy! Trainer: Has been in bad spots lately, while racing well. Should find a smoother trip from here.
2 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Nothing in his recent form suggests that we'll see a wakeup call. I will pass.
3 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Another of the eligible "droppers" in here that could wake back up. This horse has done it before, and at a price. Eric A opted here over #5. Definitely a few positive signs that we might see a big one.
4 VINTAGE GRAND Simply because the barn was on fire last week, will I take a longer look at this gelding. He's no monster, but coming out of key race where he chased a big favorite. This is undoubtedly a softer spot. Brett on!
5 OUTCRY Had Eric A opted here, I might have preferred more. After all, he did drive this guy to a big upset win off a long layoff. If he thought the horse was THAT good, wouldn't he have chosen? I will go with that theory for now.
6 IDEAL LEGACY A Didn't have much luck in Ohio. Didn't have much pace in the comebacker here, but that was probably a better bunch. Barn listed Brett, but didn't get him. I guess I'd say I have very mixed feelings tonight.
7 JOHN DALLY Finds his way back to Club Med for Irish Joe, and I will tell you, they've got a big chance. Horse has won here before, and I believe Joe drove. If the price is fair, I would consider including on your tickets. He's got speed.
8 WILLIE BOOTS Drew another tough post and can probably only win if the pace completely collapses. I'll pass.
9 SUPER S YZERMAN I just don't think he's quick enough on the mile track anymore. Very hard to like out here.
10 REACH FOR ETERNITY The last of the longshots in here doesn't appear to pack much early speed, so he's destined to get away at the back of the pack. If you think he can pass them all, then I will simply wish you luck. Not my type.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-10-5
H Horse Comment
1 LYONS STEEL Has now had two starts here in New Jersey, and neither one was especially good. Technically, he's eligible for non winners of two, and there are some better foes in here. Not going to get lucky just yet.
2 YO APOLLO CREED Very tough call here! Horse did well for a while back in summer. Something went wrong, and he took time off. That comeback qualifier wasn't exactly outstanding, so I guess I want to watch one first. Not ready.
3 BAG PIPE MAJOR Not a whole lot in his recent form suggests upset here, but ya never know. I'll still pass.
4 SPORTS COWBOY Debuts for new barn here off a fair qualifier. Andy was listed, yet opted to #5. This is a five-year-old with only nine lifetime starts, so that makes me wonder too! Guess I want to watch one from him too!
5 WHATA TWIST Yes, that's a 2-63 lifetime slate, so if you want to bet to win, I'll wish you luck. However, horse has been okay in rally mode sometimes. Gets the perfect midpack post, and Andy chose. Can be used underneath. Trainer: Raced great last start! Draws a better post this week and gets Andy's pick.
6 ROLLING SEA No, I don't know what happened last time. After looking tremendous in the win, he broke for some reason. I guess we take a long look at him on the track, and then hope for the best. If he paces, he wins.
7 SCHOLZ Reacclimated to Club Med last week from an outside post. He never really got into the race, and I don't know how he gets into this one. I don't envision him leaving, or sweeping from way back. Needs a little luck.
8 SOFER This is probably one of the keys to the race. He CAN leave, and after Eric C handicaps this race, he will know he must. That was pretty good rally behind Pepper Guy, who was 3-5. Big chance, if #6 falters in any way.
9 STRAIGHTOUTACONSIN The last of the question marks in here. After looking at the draw, Mr. Derue ended up changing drivers to Corey. That has to be a positive sign. Horse showed talent at Spa. Is he ready for this?
10 BET THE DRAGON Not much luck at the post draws for a while, but horse is still performing well and overcoming it. Same situation here. Gets the rematch with Sea and will be firing out. Expect a top effort again.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 REAL ROCKER Hasn't made much of an impact yet, but I do believe we'll see something soon. New barn probably still tinkering, but they keep racing him here, not at Freehold. That tells me he's due to wake up soon. Watch for it.
2 ABOUT THE BENJAMNS Unlike #1, I'm not so sure about this guy on the big track. Simply struggled last week and had little pace. Would need a complete turnaround from that, and that is hard to predict. Your call?
3 WORKANDPLAYHARD Doesn't win all that often, but does sneak into the number sometimes. Corey gets back in the seat tonight, after a decent speed try. I suspect he might show that same speed, around the inside pair. Must be used. Trainer: Seems to do just fine in this class.
4 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Bouncing up and down the price ladder lately. I'll note that he finally gets a decent post, so you might want to include this guy on your tickets at a square price. Usually has one move, be it early or late.
5 DANISH DILIGENCE With the Meadows still on quarantine, we get to see Jimmy Pants drive a few tonight! He's got work cut out here, with this underachiever. Horse is a one-way closer that will need a trip, and a hot pace to help.
6 MAY I CRUISE WEST Bounced back with another good one last time. Getting a little hard to predict too! I think, by now, his best efforts come from off the pace, so expect that again. Also hoping for that hot pace scenario.
7 SHOW ME UP 11YO is dropped in price for first time in while, and that makes me wonder. After a very good roll in December, he's tailed off since. Is it wakeup call time vs. these? I wish I knew. If yes, he's going to show speed.
8 JOJO JOVE Liked him a little last time and he had a tough trip, attacking the pace. That was first try for new barn off the claim. This second start has him stuck in bad post, and losing Marohn. Will need to get a lot luckier this week.
9 BAGGAGE CLAIM As expected, Jimmy chose this one. Got used up in the pace battle last time, but the plot doesn't appear to be loaded with speed tonight. That may benefit him. The post stinks, but horse does have a big chance. Trainer: Raced okay two weeks ago and didn't get it last week. If he shows up to race, he should be okay.
10 YANKEE ARTILLERY Looks like a longshot again, drawing third straight bad post. It hurts every time.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 RATHER SWELL Up from Dover for a barn that sneaks in here with winners sometimes. But, is this the right spot? That front end win two back looks awfully good on paper. Will he have that kind of speed here? I wish I knew. Trainer: Racing okay at Dover and hoping the big track can pick him up more.
2 NORTHERN VIRGIN Not exactly going great guns right now, especially for a hot barn. They keep entering him, though. Gets another good post, but Nap did opt off this time. I guess I'd need to see a positive effort first?
3 SIX GUN Yes, that was wild pace two weeks ago, and horse probably "deserved" a week off. This should be different kind of strategy, and I will note that horse has won here this year. Hoping for that right kind of off pace trip.
4 FLEM N EM N He's pretty good right now, and knocking on the door. Yes, he still has to deal with #9 after two straight defeats, but he does have post edge again, and the Captain is back in the seat. Some positives here. Trainer: Needs a good trip, but should be good!
5 DRUNKEN DESIRE A Shuffled out of it last time. Flat before that. I can't really get a full gauge on this 10YO at the moment. He's not exactly a winning machine over past two seasons, but a smooth trip give him shot to hit ticket.
6 DURANT I think we all loved him last week, so of course, he had no shot! It was still good effort, but not enough to beat the Rocket. Might be same situation here? Expect some speed, but he'd better find a bigger knockout punch.
7 STIMULUS PLAN Interesting spot for this fella. I guess we could say that when he's good, he's pretty good. Then, there are a few bad starts. Is he a "true" $20K claimer here? I have my doubts, but barn has fooled me before.
8 BEACHCHIP HANOVER Kind of looks like the longshot in here, having drawn the tough post. I don't really envision him blasting, so he could get away last. That's not going to work out well. Not my type for tonight.
9 ROCKET J How good is this guy right now? Very, very good. He gets "assigned" the outside post here, but it sure didn't matter last week. If he's that good again, he will win again. Very hard to go against in current form.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 WICK N He's had a couple of starts to get acclimated. Not sure I like the extra week off, but do feel horse will find the right spot soon. Maybe this is it? Better post. Some other "question marks" in here. I wouldn't talk you off him.
2 CHIP WALTHER Is this finally the right spot for Chip? I thought it was. But, A Nap chose #5. Definitely confuses me, but I still give this fella a big chance. He's basically been buried last month. This is finally a chance to shine.
3 TOO DARN HOT Another Dover invader with a distinct off-the-pace style. It worked out nicely two back, and then not so much last time. I don't see a whole lot of pace in here. Guess I'd like to watch one, see if he belongs. Trainer: Raced well for me at the Big M last season. Coming into this race in good shape.
4 IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW Waiting on the wakeup call here. It will come sometime soon, but we'll all have to guess when. I'm not on board yet, so I will pass for tonight.
5 NORTHERN ASSASSIN A That sure looked like a nasty break last week, but thankfully, horse is okay. May have just stepped out of his hopple? He appeared to be sailing along pretty well. Nap sticks. Same thing coming?
6 DREAMLANDS ART Back down from Monti, and probably in too tough with these. I will pass for tonight.
7 GRAVE DANCER Chased a very well-rated winner last time, but did it willingly. Same situation here. Might need to flash a touch more speed to overcome the post, but horse certainly has big chance with these. Overdue to win?
8 HILLBILLY HANOVER Freshened up the last couple of months. Okay. Comeback qualifier was okay, but I do believe he's going to need one or two. This post doesn't help either.
9 QUALITY BUD Been a longshot at this level for a while and that will stay the same. This move to a bad post is probably the killer. I would be surprised if he blasted. Or, if he swept them all from last. Not my type.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 HUG THE WIND N Showed a LOT of heart last week, in that fantastic finish, with five across the track. He had the tough, grinding trip and kept digging in. Drew rail again, so we might need different journey. Still, a very good horse!
2 AWESOMENESS This horse can fly! This is probably the week to take a shot with him, and I imagine there won't be a whole lot of betting value. People have taken a beating backing him past two weeks. Can he get it back tonight?
3 PONYTA BOY This is a darn good horse too! He's done very well since finding his way to Club Med. Perfect trip and drive for the upset last week. Tonight's problem is the bump back up in class. I don't see him beating these. Trainer: He's in a little tougher this week, but very sharp now.
4 STARZNHEAVEN After talking up the whole field last week, this was the one horse we "ignored" and of course, he won! Nap gets back in bike, with YG not here. Will he get that same perfect trip? Probably not.
5 WESTERN JOE Came up just a little flat last week, after being used hard early. Was it the week off? Because, he was SO good in those two wins over these. Also gets a new driver here. If he feels good, Pat will send him out of there.
6 BETTOR'S EDGE Boy, that's two heartbreaking losses if you bet the Edge last few. The competition and strategy will remain the same, and one night soon, he'll get brave and fight them all off. Just have to guess when.
7 ENDEAVOR Was basically running them over in traffic late last week. A touch more luck and he could have won. BUT, won't it be the same from this post? I know he can leave, but I suspect this is off the pace tonight. Your call?
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 FRANKY'S BEACH BOY What on earth happened to this guy? Was super vicious here in December, and then the wheels came off. Back to Club Med, after a tour of Dover oval and Nap didn't even choose him. That's telling.
2 CENTURY CHURCHILL You'd have to think this is finally the right spot for this fella? After racing deceptively well against better, he finally gets the drop. Nap chose him, and so will I. The one to beat, from great post.
3 SIR MACHALOT Chased that Down Under monster home last week. It was good, solid effort, and a nice price. But, barn has two in here, and Jimmy chose the other one. Doesn't that have to tell us something? Needs another trip. Trainer: Raced really good! He should get a good trip in there and finish up okay.
4 BIG STRETCH MARK Out of same race as #3, and never really got rolling in that one. For first time, he wasn't bet that night. Probably same situation here. I think he's just a bit overmatched with these.
5 ART HISTORY Woke back up again last time. In second start for new barn. As previously stated, this horse drives me crazy, Gets another new driver here, but from ideal post. Will he be good, or not? I wish I knew.
6 YO CHEYENNE ROCKY Simply put, he stole one on the front end last week. It was overdue, and I'm not surprised. This is the appropriate step back UP in class, and he's catching some droppers. This will probably be too tough.
7 ALL WEEK An occasional good start here and there, but he looks like a longshot from this post. Needs bit of luck.
8 JACKSRLUCKYTOO We all know his game, and it worked out perfectly last week. Also forced back UP the class ladder and this is where it gets a little rough. The post hurts badly, but I will point out that Jimmy chose him. Must get into it. Trainer: Raced really good last week! Picked up a perfect third over trip. He should be okay in here.
9 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Not really sure why, but Brett ended up taking this guy over #5,7. Horse was 62-1 from this post, in this class last week. Why should it be any different tonight? Maybe he'll return to the speed. Maybe?
10 SAMS TRIPLE CROWN Yes, Sam got very lucky a few weeks ago when the Red Sea parted and he snuck right up the pylons. If you didn't go to the wedding at 13-1, I would suggest you don't try now in the tougher class out of post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 LIVE ON Ended up being favored last week, which was bit of a surprise. Andy gave him every chance too! With the big-time post relief, the trip could be completely different. Might have better chance, and might offer bigger odds.
2 BIG TOP HANOVER Has worked his way all the way down the class ladder now, and this is the spot, folks! I thought he could win last week and he almost did. I'll accept no excuses on the slide to the bottom level. Should win this. Trainer: Raced better last week and he trained good this week.
3 HOME JAMES Took a month off and came back with less-than-stellar qualifier. Not ready yet. Pass.
4 MAGIC TRICKS Debuts for new barn off the claim, and a couple weeks off. Horse had been hinting at a return to form, but that last one was pretty disappointing. Not sure what to expect tonight. Let's watch one.
5 SOUTHERN PURSUIT N Gave it everything he had last week, battling with #1 before getting caught. It was still a top notch effort, and there's no reason to think he won't give good account again. Impossible to leave out with these.
6 ROCK ON THE HILL Back to Big M after a pretty flat effort over at Yonkers. He certainly fits this group, but I do wonder about current form. Simply put, if you think he'll be good, then go ahead and bet. Won't be easy to beat #2.
7 ROCKIN THE HOUSE Makes second start back after a little bit of freshening. Didn't get that much "luckier" at post draw, but Jimmy did choose him over the Harmon horse. At least that's a positive sign. Maybe we see more?
8 JUSTIFIED I've been waiting for this guy to drop to this level, but wonder if this is the spot to bet? I'm leaning towards no, because it will be a long way to the lead if he guns. Might have to wait one more week.
9 INTERMIX One of the few from this barn that hasn't won here yet. Slow start and shuffled last time. Outer post, and a few dropdowns in here. Nap sticks, but I don't know if horse is good enough to beat these. Will need a trip.
10 IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N Not really sure what's gone wrong here, but he is a pass, coming off that break.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 CHEYENNE SEEBER Finding a nice, cozy softer spot here. Struggled over at Yonkers, and look who he faced here before that? Starznheaven and Endeavor! Good spot for Marcus to step on the gas and work out a good trip.
2 URBAN RENEWAL Stepped up to this level last week and proved he belongs, with a good speed try. Nap had a choice and did stick with this guy over #8. That surprised me just a bit. I guess I'll have to take longer look here.
3 COMMENTARIAT Didn't figure to get involved in that last one, so I can easily forgive that. This spot does seem a touch easier. Got the extra week off. It's probably all about pace and flow here. Can he catch the inside few?
4 KINGS BARNS It didn't seem like he was as good at Yonkers, as he was here. On best day, he's good enough to go with these, so be careful about dismissing. Price should be okay, and I lean towards using him on some tickets.
5 MAJOR WAR Another that often sneaks his way onto the ticket somehow. Been bet pretty well over past few starts and hit board both times. This is no easy spot, but he does have good post to sit and wait for flow. Decent chance. Trainer: He's been razor sharp, and had a good week.
6 ALTA LEROY N Should be sufficiently worked back into shape by now. Tyler took a shot, pulling with him last week. Horse will likely pack one decent move for Pat, but timing and trip will be critical. Demand fair value if you like.
7 MAAJAACKKOBE Also over from Yonkers, and also dropping a tick in class. Is it enough? I'll guess no.
8 I'M SOME GRADUATE Had a VERY good qualifier, so I am somewhat surprised that A Nap didn't stick with him. Because he opted off, I really don't know what to do. Should we watch one, hope for better spot next week?
9 DAVID'S DREAM Dave gets stuck with another bad post. It usually ruins his chances. I'll pass for tonight. Trainer: Was a little sick last week and should race better.
10 DUNE DUDE Loved him last week, and he did get the job done. Now, he's forced back UP the class ladder, plus the bad post. I guess I'll have to prefer others for now, but he will race well again. But, from how far back?
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 ST LADS MOONWALK Yes, that was a wild pace last week, so let's not be too hard on this horse. He's better than that, and finds the perfect spot to bounce back in. Third straight drop. Rail. Better pace scenario. Time to bet!
2 GIVEN UP TERROR Finally gets out of that claiming handicap where he was overmatched. Gets a driver change too! If you tell me there will be another wild hot pace in here, I wouldn't talk you off this one. He can rally.
3 WAR-N-MUNN Slowly working his way back into shape, but I do think it will take at least one more before we see his best. Hope I'm not wrong.
4 MODERN YANKEE Finally gets a break from the post gods. That alone should put him back in play. He has shown speed at times, so maybe this could be spot for aggression. You see who's back in the bike tonight.
5 MISTER TRUTH Doesn't win all that often, but sometimes sneaks onto the ticket like last week. Like several of these, it's all about pace and trip for him. Can't ever guarantee that, but overdue to get a little luckier. Your call?
6 VILLE VALO I guess if you don't like #1 for some reason, this is your next best option. Horse clearly woke back up last time, after couple prep starts. He will be good in here, but he will have to be very good to beat #1. Box 'em up!
7 COWBOY TERRIER Turned in an unexpected super try last week off the layoff. Against a horse I loved! He's running into a few other "live" ones here, plus the post isn't so nice. Let's see if he's that good again. I suspect he will be.
8 ROCKIN RAMBARAN After a couple of "needed" starts here, he found a bunch of his friends on Tuesday over at Yonkers. So, firing back on short rest tonight, with Marohn opting to #7. Not sure what to make of that. Tough post.
9 YORK SEELSTER Barn ships up a couple tonight, and they didn't get lucky with this one. The post is a killer and this field is pretty solid. I just don't think that's going to work out.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 FEEL THE NEED A Wasn't bad the last time we saw him here against weaker. After a miscue over at Yonkers, barn brings him back here. Fortunately, you get a "betting partner" here with all the power. That makes difference.
1A SPRINTER N Finally put it all together last week. That was some kinda overpowering effort too! Forced up a notch in class now, but he can probably handle it. The thing he WILL have to overcome is the post. That makes it tough.
2 ROCKIN ROBERT Barn has a few in off qualifiers and they all looked to me as if they would need one. I'll change my opinion if any of the others have done well.
3 CHEVALS CLIVESDALE This is a very good horse, and this is a very good spot for him, with the exception of #1A. Have to think The Mann will be uber aggressive to try and get jump on that foe. It could very well work out. Trainer: Raced well in his last start. The inside post makes him a contender again.
4 J T How good is this horse right now? I guess we're going to find out, because he's facing some tough company tonight. I won't argue with how strong he's looked, but this is the acid test tonight. At least he got decent post.
5 SPICEBOMB He's been mired in some real tough spots lately, so almost overdue to get a little luckier. If you tell me there's a lot of action in the pace here, I would tell you this guy has rallying chance. Surprises at times.
6 ROCKNROLL WILDCATS It's always dangerous to ignore anything from this barn, especially on a class drop like this. Showed some pretty good speed last week, before he ran out of gas. Maybe different trip coming tonight.
7 WINDSONG JACK I think he's still overmatched against a group like this. That, plus post make him a pass for me.
8 ELRAMA N Absolutely no luck in this corner either! Gets Corey back in the seat here, but against very good field. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a touch of speed again, but will it be enough? Maybe not. Wait for softer spot?
9 SWEET BEACH And, the last piece of the speed puzzle. Finally escapes impossible spots in the Preferred, but he gets slammed with post 10 in field full of speed. Nap's choice. Demand fair value if you try him out of this post.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 KID COURAGEOUS A War horse is back down from Maine after the reclaim and couple weeks off. He raced okay in that last one against same kind of bunch. Best asset here is the rail. Can leave enough to protect, and then just sit.
2 IDEAL ROMANCE Down from Monti and into an ambitious spot. Is he good enough, or fast enough to go with these here on the mile track? I have my doubts, but we'll find out soon enough.
3 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE I guess we're getting back into wakeup call territory here. If they mix it up at all near the lead, it brings this guy into play late. The post helps. Not completely out of this one at all.
4 FOX VALLEY CREDIT Also moving back into a prime spot to take a shot. We're going to see speed from this fella tonight and it certainly wouldn't shock me if he went all the way. Or, he might just sit a trip behind #6. Both are good. Trainer: Finished up really good from way back last week.
5 ENERGY SHAKES In a race like this, you either have to play the speeds (4,6,8) or the closers (3,5,7.) Anybody who knows me, knows I always go for the speed. Plus, you can see how track is playing tonight. This horse is good now.
6 WALKS OF LIFE I took my chances playing against him last week and got burned. I'll probably try again, but he is all heart and class. When left alone, he's very hard to catch. Your call, folks. Just don't expect a big price. Trainer: He likes the job!
7 FORTY CARROTS Might be the odd man out here, having drawn outside the main rivals. Versatile enough to do it any way, but I just don't see him blasting tonight. Hoping for a good trip from off the pace.
8 ESPRIT DE KAYJAY A Final piece of the speed puzzle here. The outside post, and tougher trip cost him last week, and it very well might be the same here. It'll be up to Andy to try and make it easier somehow. Not sure about that.
9 MUST BE THE BUNNY Looks like a big longshot again, having been no threat to these for a while now.
10 MI SIX Seems buried in impossible spot from this post. Plus, he's got lot to prove on mile track. Not my type.