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Scaramelli Wins $6,500 in MRE Sports Free Play March Basketball Challenge

Friday, April 6, 2018

 Henry Scaramelli, of Montville, NJ, claimed the MRE Free Play March Basketball Challenge $6,500 Grand Prize.  The Grand Prize was awarded to the contestant that finished with the highest point total after the NCAA Championship, Scaramelli finished with 20,745 points.

Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place were also awarded.  Bobby Stancil finished the Challenge with 16,700 points earning him $2,500 and Michael Regan locked up 3rd place with 4,000 points, winning $1,000.   

 In the Free Play March Basketball Challenge each player was given 1,000 points to play as they see fit, during the NCAA March Men’s basketball Tournament.  All players made selections through the MRE Sports Challenge App at Winners Bayonne and at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment.

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment’s contest system is powered by CG Technology, a preeminent technology company based in Nevada, and utilizes real time information and real time results ensuring continual action for the contestants every day.   


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