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Meadowlands Racetrack's Chili Cook Off

Saturday, January 25, 2020

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 Calling All Cooks....enter our Chili and Salsa Cook-off on Saturday, January 25!    Contestants must register here  -  


 Not a cook?  Free samples will be given for the People's Choice vote following the 8 pm Judging.  Cook-off takes place in the Food Court.   


New format for 2020! There is now a Chili Verde category in addition to Homestyle Chili

Homestyle Chili:

* $1,000 Grand Prize plus a spot in the ICS's World Championship Homestyle Chili Cook-off 
* $500 - 2nd
* $250 - 3rd 

 Chili Verde:

* $1,000 Grand Prize plus a spot in the ICS's World Championship Chili Verde Cook-off 
* $500 - 2nd
* $250 - 3rd 


 * $250 - People's Choice Winner 


 * $500 Salsa Winner (must be home-made no store bought salsa allowed) 


  Contest Details:  


 1.      Arrival Time: You can arrive anytime after 1:00pm to start setting up. 

  2.      The event takes place in our food court.  We have a side entrance (on the left side of the building near the loading dock) that allows you easy access into the food court entrance for quicker set up. 

 3.      Mandatory meeting at 3 pm in the food court for all Chili cooks – you must be present! 


 o   Remember “Homestyle is any kind of meat/combination of meats and/or vegetables cooked with beans, chili peppers/powders, various spices and other ingredients. Homestyle chili may be any color.  Beans are required.  Preference is not given to either cut meat, ground meat, shredded meat or cubed meat. Seafood is allowed.”


 o   Remember “Chili Verde is any kind of meat/combination of meats cooked with chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients.  Non-vegetable fillers such as rice and pasta are not allowed. Preference is not given to either cut meat, ground meat, shredded meat or cubed meat.”


 o   Meat may be pre-cut or ground but MAY NOT be pre-cooked, treated, seasoned or marinated in any manner.  




 o   All other ingredients must be prepared/chopped on-site from during allotted cooking time. Cooking time is now 3 total hours. Homestyle: 4-7pm; Chili Verdee 5-8 pm.


 o   Garnishes must not be used on what is turned into the Judges. 

4.       Please remember to bring all your cooking equipment. If you are using a propane camper’s stove you need to bring a class K extinguisher. 

  1.  We do have sinks, garbage cans for everyone to use. Please treat these items as if they were in your own home.   
  2.  You are welcome to bring an additional table or two for you to use.  We do have electric, please bring extension cords if you need access to electric.  
  3.  You must prepare 32oz of chili to be submitted for ICS judging. 


* Entrant must be 18 years or older
* Contestants must register by 1/20/2020 and have completed and returned all forms to  

 * People's choice voting begins at 8 pm following official judging - small tasting samples given, 1 sample of each chili - one vote per person. 


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