DOUBLE DRAW - Friday & Saturday - Declare by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday

Post Time - 7:15 p.m. 

QUALIFIERS & BABY RACES: Saturday - Declare by 10:00 a.m. Wednesday


Paddock Schedule  2018   


Friday - WEDNESDAY 10:00 a.m.

Saturday - THURSDAY 10:00 a.m.

Contact the Judges at 201-460-4146

2018 Meadowlands Rules & Regulations 

 Racing Application - All horsemen looking to race at the Meadowlands during the 2018 season must complete a racing application.  

   Trainers may contact the Meadowlands race office at 201-842-5130 to check their application status. 


Get Race Office Info On The Go!  Text “MEADOWLANDS” to 84700 to sign up for important Race Office info. Sign up for our FREE text message service to get time sensitive information on upcoming deadlines, overnights and stakes, plus what classes are short on entries for the day's draw.

Click here to register.  


Stable Gate Schedule: 

Gate opens 6 a.m. for morning qualifiers.

Gate opens 2 p.m. for Friday and Saturday race cards.


Horsemen's Bookkeeper: or 


Claim Form 

Claim Procedures 

Claim Authorizations  

Wire Transfer Instructions 

Purse Authorization Form 




Racing & Qualifying Standards 

Paddock Schedule/ Lasix Schedule     

 Incompass Web Access 

 Stallion Restriction 



The renovated Back Paddock, now with gates on the stalls, will serve as the receiving barn and include a Lasix Stall where the medication will be administered.   

Issued by Dr. Barbara Greene, New Jersey State Veterinarian: 

- All horses racing on Lasix must report directly to the Back Paddock and will be treated with Lasix FOUR [4] hours prior to post time for their race 

- Each horse must have a representative bring the horse to the designated treatment stall and witness the Lasix administration. 

- Your horse will be scratched if late or if there is not a representative with the horse for treatment. 


Order a Race Video 

 To request race videos, please call 201-460-4191 or email

$30 for each DVD

Please include the following info on your message/email: Contact name, phone number, email address, race date, race number, horse name


For information or changes regarding scheduled stakes barn races, horsemen should call 201-842-5129. The recording will provide changes in reporting times or a cancellation of stakes barn races due to adverse weather conditions.