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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Friday, April 26, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-9-10
H Horse Comment
1 RHYME N ROLL Picked up two checks so far, so that’s not bad. Finally gets away from Abigail, which should help. It’s no cakewalk in here, but third start back might be time to show more. Has the rail and a touch of speed.
2 ADORABELLA It’s really tough to get a read on her current form. Did not do well at Pocono and then had no excuses here last time. Will have to turn it up a few notches to get any closer. Looks like a longshot again.
3 FOOL ME AGAIN After the decent qualifier, she had a needed race over the track from a tough post. Wakeup calls are hard to predict, but they do happen. IF barn has finally solved that breaking problem, she could be a factor here.
4 LULU DE VIE Continues to go out and perform well. That was very nice finish into Abigail last week. Gets the nice, midpack post again to go along with her style. I would have a tough time leaving her off the ticket right now.
5 ASPECIAL PRESENCE Over from Yonkers for a pure change of scenery. There is nothing in her recent form to suggest a huge wakeup call is coming. Demand a big price if you fancy her chances on the big track.
6 JK AMERICAN BEAUTY Did most of the dirty work trying to gun down the leader last week. Didn’t happen and she took a few bad steps turning for home. Not sure about that. Will need an easier trip, and a bigger kick to win.
7 ELEKTRA KING Also had a much needed, but deceptively good first trip over the track. On Lasix now. With that under her belt, I make her the one to beat tonight. Should be a lot closer when the real pacing starts. Tetrick on now.
8 KATIE MAE CANCOOK I still haven’t seen enough from her to warrant the extra look. Tough post too!
9 BACKSEAT TERROR Sports three straight high-quality starts down at Philly. And those were non winners of three races! I’m not in love with this post, but see that she can leave. Will have to save something for stretch too!
10 SUMMER CHARM I see that she finished ahead of Cop A Plea, who came back and won her next start. That’s a pretty good speed tightener. Yannick did have choice, however, and chose here despite post. Telling us something?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 ALEX THE GREAT Down from the Spa with some mixed form, and seemingly into a much tougher spot. Will need the rail, just to stick close and try to keep up. Might be a bit overmatched.
2 LUCKY SHEILA Finds her way back to Club Med after two straight solid seconds. Probably bad beats both times if you bet her. The price should be a little higher here and she plots for a good stalking trip. Needs one big late lunge.
3 HAMMER TIME Exiting a very key race behind La Grange, who was so impressive that night. Gets a nice, cozy inner post here, which he needs. I could easily make a case he gets the whole pie tonight. Only needs to be within range.
4 SAY YOU DO It’s tough to get excited about this guy, coming off that break in debut here. I guess I’d need to see a big improvement first, before I could endorse here. Let’s see if he stays trotting this time.
5 FINAL DREAM Now 0-12 and counting on the season. That’s a problem. Gelding hits the ticket every now and then, however and usually offers decent value. Drew inside the two faves, so I wonder if speed is coming again. Maybe.
6 MERCHANDISER Liked this guy in his first try here and had to deal with that wind. It’s supposed to rain again, so that probably won’t help. Moves out a few slots now, so I suspect we’ll see more speed. Can’t be too far behind #7.
7 BIZET Not really sure what happened last week. It was his first start on Lasix. Yes, it was windy, but he was well-rated. Kind of fell apart at the end. The price is never big and it’s back to outside post. Can you say “vulnerable?”
8 MAX VOLO Second straight bad post drawn, so let’s keep him on the longshot list. Would have to get very lucky to have a chance from this starting slot.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST Has to be considered one of the favorites in here. Just forget about the Freehold spots where overmatched. The win here earlier this month was solid. Pole is a tricky post, but horse likes to be out and grinding. Trainer: The barn pet draws the rail in the final. Gets Benson for the first time. Will be sitting up close. Hope gets it done.
2 CC BIG BOY SAM Sam is just 1-15 so far this year, so I don’t see him winning this. Best asset is the inside post.
3 KIWI IDEAL N The Judge had him in the right spot when last seen here. Suffered a tough beat. Like #1, just toss the Freehold line. Better post for return to mile track, but he does have case of “seconditis.” Hard to leave out, though.
4 RATHER SWELL Things simply did not work out for him last Saturday, but don’t be too tough on him. It’s back to spot where he’s had success and this is a MUCH better starting spot. It makes huge difference. The one to fear?
5 SO TAKE THAT Was definitely the scourge of the amateur ranks last month! Did great work! But, has he tailed off a touch? Or, is this the perfect spot to bounce back in. Only races one way, from off the pace. Needs the right setup.
6 STEUBEN MAGIC RIDE I don’t remember seeing him here in the recent past. Down from Maine and Mass. for a big track try. I think he might be a bit overmatched. I guess we’ll find out.
7 MACH ONE I still remember that one start where they clearly “got the money!” The surrounding efforts before and after that race are mysteriously bad. Drew an outside post tonight, so good luck guessing if he’ll be “live.”
8 MAY I CRUISE WEST Can only win this if the race completely falls apart. I don’t see that happening. Pass.
9 QUALITY BUD Bud is probably the key to the race. He is 100% going to leave the gate, so that alone could create a little mayhem. Folded his tent into the wind last week, but Mark handles him well. Must find way to get a trip.
10 IDEAL CANDIDATE Retains longshot status, having drawn a poor post tonight. I don’t see how he gets into it.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 ARRAKIS Took a shot and fired out last week, only to get a little tired near the end. Gets a similar tough post again and I wonder what strategy will be? Overall, he’s been overmatched at this level. Needs a drop one of these weeks.
1A LIFE WELL LIVED Barn has been a little chilly here for a while now, so I’m hesitant to bite on this shipper coming off a break. I guess I’d need to see a good one here first, just to see if he belongs. Not sure about that right now.
2 IF NOT WHY NOT Took a week off, after being used very hard on sloppy track last time. Same situation could be coming tonight. Horse is definitely good enough to win this, but he will need the right kind of journey. Tough call.
3 STONEBRIDGE GAMBLE Had a sneaky-good start last Friday. Horse has been a “work in progress” for Team Buter, but they seem to have him right. If so, go ahead and use, because price should be right. Drew good post again.
4 WARRAWEE SHIPSHAPE Gave it a solid speed try here a few weeks ago. Moved to Philly and pounced off a perfect trip to get the win. Ships back up here into seemingly tougher spot. Is he good enough? That’s a good question.
5 FOR A DREAMER I think the whole world saw him come charging home from a pretty tough spot. Guaranteed to be overbet off that, but I sure wouldn’t tell you not to bet! Has post edge on #8. Looks like the one to beat, but low odds.
6 LAZURUS Really tough to gauge his current form. Jumps up with a good one, every now and then, but it does look like he’s a one-way Charlie! Can only finish, so totally at mercy of both pace and trip. Might not work out tonight.
7 VEYRON Canadian invader sent to Team Zeron. Looks like he worked his way a touch too high in class up there. This is no easy spot here, so let’s watch one, to see if he belongs. I hate the post too!
8 LA GRANGE A Definitely the “key” to the race, after that uber-impressive win here. Set a pretty solid pace under pressure, and just kept digging in. Yes, this looks like a much tougher field, but he might be this good. We’ll see.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-2-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 STAR TRACK HANOVER Did race a little better last time, staying on stride, but I wouldn’t call him a real threat to the top few. Draws rail now to go along with some usable speed. Should get a trip, but must find more crunch time.
2 ZACK’S GOT THE W Intriguing debut-maker here for Erv and Marcus. Looks like the perfect “educational” qualifier over at Pocono and they elect to race him, not qualify again. Interesting. Inner post should keep him close enough.
3 PINEBUSHSEVEN Yes, just a tad better last time, but she’s still a longshot. I need to see even more to endorse.
4 HOLD MY HEART Definitely a “work in progress” right now. Flashed a bit better speed from brutal post at Pocono, so that’s a small step in the right direction. That same speed would do him well in this spot. Welcome to Hunter Oakes!
5 EXPERIENCED ACTION Also retains large longshot status, as he continues to gain experience. Must go faster.
6 SUMMIT IN SIGHT Ran into a very good horse in that last qualifier, but the effort was solid! They’ve been patient with this supremely well-bred colt and that should pay off in the end. Let’s see how good he is at three?
7 MUSCLE STAR After getting sick last fall, he’s come back pretty good too! That’s a solid looking qualifier down at Philly. Yes, I do wish it was here, but horse definitely looks rateable. That always helps, with the good manners.
8 SOUTHWIND FROST Did not handle the sloppy surface in the series and broke. Did not enter the next leg, which is probably not a good sign. Trond’s job tonight is just to keep him trotting. And, it’s supposed to rain again!
9 GUARANTEED Couldn’t possibly have been any more impressive in the pair of qualifiers. Showed surprising ability, and manners too! Well-bred colt is ready to go, but must overcome a difficult post. That’s the only knock.
10 LAZZARO Picked up a check in his debut, and that’s usually a good thing! Unfortunately, he’s not exactly “rewarded” tonight with post 10, and a loss of Tetrick. It’s a long road from this spot this evening.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 DIABANDO No, I don’t know what happened last week, so I will reach out to trainer for comment. And, I have no idea what to expect or do tonight. At least he’s right back in box and Yannick takes call again. That’s significant. Trainer: Was still rigged for half mile last week by mistake. Throw that line out and try again.
2 JUST N BERLANDER Just ran out of racetrack last week, with a potent rally from way behind. That’s his game, though. Seems like a one-way performer. This better post should help a LOT. Dave Miller takes turn in sulky seat.
3 ABOUT THE BENJAMNS I guess you could say he’s coming around a bit? Two straight decent tries. I’m not willing to put him near the top spot, but I guess I’d have to use underneath in some gimmicks. The inner post helps him too!
4 DAYLYN HORIZON That’s a tough beat if you had him at 7-1 last week! Beat in the last jump. But, it was another bounce back good effort. Overall, he’s been a little inconsistent. Has to get a touch luckier to win one of these.
5 REDLINE RUSTY Still looking like a pretty big longshot to me. Would need dramatic improvement.
6 RING WARRIOR Same boat as #5. I haven’t seen enough from him to sway me into using. Needs more stamina.
7 SPINCREDIBLE Had a race over the track and it wasn’t bad. I see we’re getting another new driver tonight, that always attracts attention. Is horse good enough to threaten here? I still don’t think so, but wonder what the price will be.
8 ABBEYLARA Scratched at Freehold. Had NO chance against Uffizi in race before that. So, excuses are piling up. The post can be a problem at times, since he doesn’t power out of the gate. Needs a big bounce-back kind of mile.
9 OH MY JOEPA Endured a pretty tough trip in first go for new barn off the claim. One of the few races Austin didn’t win! Like #8, he’s not a gate blaster, so post is an issue. Will need smoother journey and bigger kick to pay off.
10 VILLAGE JACKSON Up from Freehold and into a much tougher situation. Not sure I could reach in to play him from this slot, but barn has been going well of late. Your call? Trainer: Draws the 10-hole. Hope to get lucky and pickup a piece.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 HOLIDAY HANGOVER Had a pretty solid qualifier at Pinehurst to get him ready. Attracts the services of Tetrick for the comebacker, so that’s a plus too! No guarantee that he’s fully ready to go with #4,5, who have race under belt.
2 TRIX ARE FOR KIDS That was a strong win here under difficult circumstances last week. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain again, but let’s hope for no hurricane winds! Regardless, horse was good. Tonight’s post is better.
3 AGENT BACH Was just fair in that one try here, but he was overmatched that night anyway. Can’t really like the miscue up at the Ridge, but oh well! It’s back to big track and a slight drop. Let’s see if he trots tonight.
4 ASIAGO Pretty gutsy try in her first start back, so let’s not be too hard on her. Got extra week off. Comes back in against some colts, and another talented filly in #5. Should be good race amongst them. Also gets a better starting slot.
5 FRAULEIN BLUCHER Impeccably-bred lass here and she sure showed up ready down at Philly! That’s a tough spot to win from down there and she powered right by the field. Both qualifiers here were good. Seems hard to go against.
6 BORDOGNA Had a very nice trip last week despite post 10, so credit to Andy for that. Again draws outside the main competitors, but I expect this guy to be even better this week. Give him that live cover again, will charge home.
7 BIG WEEZY I’ve often been burned by second start off the bench from this barn. But, I’ll take my chances that Weezy needs at least one more start. At big disadvantage with this post and not much early speed. I’ll wait.
8 PEMBROKE MONET Went on Lasix for first go here and wasn’t bad! Also showed speed despite his 50-1 odds. Could have had more late, but we can work on that. The knock again is the post. Let’s see more improvement, please.
9 FATE SMILED Fate did not smile on this lass when she drew post nine, but oh well! Her qualifier was pretty good. She got lots of experience last year at two and made some stakes finals. On the right road and probably ready. Usable.
10 SAMS ARSENAL Had a few fair qualifiers here and then found a super cozy soft spot to get around Freehold. Nice homebred here, but I can’t like out of this post for betting purposes tonight. Let’s see if she’s mile track quality.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 ONEIDA BLUE CHIP Up and down the class ladder since shipping north. Launched a big move at Yonkers, only to flatten out late. This is NO easy spot for a big track try. Maybe usable underneath only? I’ll go with that.
2 SHEER TALENT One of several that get in here due to a lower Trackmaster rating. Yes, she had some traffic troubles in the slop last week, but could easily be stuck in same situation. Not sure I’m ready to try her against these.
3 YOU SHOULD BE HERE Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the race conditions. For her, this is a BIG drop. She’s had many good races here over past year. This is prime spot to drop and pop again. Andy Mac will make it happen.
4 TRAFFIC JAM Outraced her odds, and my expectations from the bad post on the hike up. So, what do we do tonight? Dex isn’t here tonight, so we get new driver from a better post. Price will likely be a lot lower. Very tough call.
5 BETTERTHANBRIE Has now gone two BIG trips to show us that she’s over whatever ailed. Nice job by barn to get her back in right direction. It’s a slight hike up here, but better than being in brutal spot. She is probably good enough!
6 SASSA’S SISTER Was in position for her first go here, but lacked that knockout punch. Sometimes it takes a race to develop that mile track stamina. Plus, track was off. Supposed to rain again. Needs similar trip and bigger kick.
7 FAMILY ROLL CALL Set a fair pace on the sloppy and windy night and then gave it up when crunch time came. Now 0-10 and counting this year and I don’t really see that changing. Demand fair value if you fancy her chances.
8 KEYSTONE NIKKI Bottom line is she hasn’t raced in a month, so I think we can safely pass on her from out here.
9 OUR ELS DREAM N You can usually figure out when she’s in the right spot and this doesn’t look like it. Pass.
10 FANCY CREEK JOLENE And finally, what do we do with Jolene? Big drop, but pole to post 10 on a mare that doesn’t usually leave. Her best is good enough to get her in the game, but she will need at least a decent trip. Not easy here.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-9-8
H Horse Comment
1 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN He had every chance to spring the big upset last time and lacked his usual finishing kick. That worries me a bit, but veteran 10YO gets a key inside post against a field of question marks. Maybe his turn?
2 ROCK ON PRECIOUS Basically “kept up” last time in a very fast mile. For this guy, that was pretty good! Same situation here. Will probably stay glued to the cones and try to produce a bigger rally. A maybe.
3 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT Hasn’t come all that close lately. And, based on overall record, he rarely wins. Maybe use underneath in some gimmicks because the price will be right? Maybe.
4 FRANKANDJOANNE Bouncing up and down the class ladder all over the place. Back to Club Med tonight and into a very soft spot. The right kind of journey from Andy would give a huge upset chance. Not totally out of it vs. these.
5 MAJOR WAR Not one of my favorites, in this field full of them, but even I will admit he gets lucky once in a while. An improved effort from him, with Yannick still aboard wouldn’t shock me. But, I won’t expect it.
6 IDEAL SON Have to be VERY careful here, folks. Horse is bound to be overbet on the class drop, but he’s been very inconsistent of late and doesn’t always try hard. To me, that makes him vulnerable, even in a field like this. Not for me.
7 BETTOR BELIEVE IT By default, he almost HAS to have a big chance in here. Is he really good enough to do it on the mile track? That, I don’t know. But, I know the others in here. His speed just might go a LONG way in here.
8 WILLIE BOOTS Even Willie has a big shot in here, provided Stevie can get him close enough. Suffered a tough beat last time when well-positioned. This post will make the task a LOT tougher, but ya never know.
9 JOE JOE JOE Joe Squared ships all the way up from Florida for Big M debut. You all know how I usually feel about that. We don’t see too many starters from this barn either. Can Corey get him into the game? Good question.
10 SUPER S YZERMAN Suffering the bad post blues right now and it continues. Not my type of play from out here.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 CLEAR IDEA She didn’t look at that snazzy last week along the pylons. Basically had no pace late. So, I do wonder if she’s tailing off a touch. Gets a much better post here, but against a killer field. Needs big wakeup call.
2 KG ROCKS Scratched out of her scheduled debut here. Not good. Couldn’t possibly have found a tougher field here, but at least she drew decent post. Would need a monster mile to go with the likes of #5
3 BETTER DECISION N Chased #5 two back and wasn’t even able to hold the second spot. Followed it up with a Philly coast, but it’s back to the wolves now. I like her speed, so maybe she can get another “follow trip?”
4 STYLISH BEACHWHERE She’s knocking on the door, for tonight’s In The Sulky guest, Mr. Cullipher. But, it’s been a long year so far at 0-14. I don’t see her beating #5, but I would definitely consider in the gimmick spots. Good now.
5 RECLAMATION How good is she? I don’t think we know just yet. Last two wins were powerhouse performances. Renews her rivalry with #10, going all the way back to Ireland. Should be good battle again, but this is mare to beat.
6 ROCKIN PRALINE She fought tooth and nail to win two weeks ago. Deserved an extra week off. It’s supposed to rain and she’s a proven commodity on the off track. Has speed too! Andy will be using it wisely for sure. Trainer: Tied up early last week, which forced the missed week. Trained up very good this week, but racing for 2nd behind Rocklamation.
7 TRUTH AND LIBERTY That’s a real nice pick if you managed to figure out her Yonkers win. Don’t really know where that effort came from, but it’s back over to the big track and now into a tougher post. Might not work out.
8 BRAZUCA She’s good enough to go with these at times, and she did have some finishing pace at long odds in a very good field last week. This is technically a slight drop, but also a switch to a bad post. Definitely coming back good.
9 NARCIAN JEWEL The Mann had his usual bad luck at the post draw this evening. Both mares drew bad. Pass.
10 ROBYN CAMDEN Robyn finds her way back across the river. That was a real good run in the series at Yonkers, and she had no chance in that final. The poor post here hurts and she gets a new driver with DD not here. Tough call.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Very aggressively handled on the class drop and just ran into a well-meant buzzsaw. Did hold second gamely, by an inch. Steps back up here, but gets nice, cozy post. Will fire, then follow. Usable.
2 UHLAN NOIR Actually had some trot from impossible spot upon return. Tells me he enjoyed that little time off and has come back good. This is better post, but also tougher field. He will need very best to get close again.
3 DW’S REVENGE I thought he would be a little stronger last time on that big drop. But, he was ignored by bettors and folded up shop when the Rock came calling. Maybe he needs a follow trip too? Either way, it’s another drop. Must use.
4 APLOMB HANOVER Down from the Spa off a nice winning effort. But in a field full of droppers, he’s hiking up the class ladder. That’s not usually a recipe for success. I’ll take the wait-and-see approach on this one.
5 STARSABOVEALLERAGE Has been known to “shock us” at times on class drops like this. The post is actually perfect for his style I can’t predict the wakeup call, but I can tell you that Marcus opted to #1. Tells us a little?
6 RESITA I’ll give this guy a complete pass for the flat-looking effort last week. His cover stopped in his face. Hard to believe, but if it rains again, would be fourth straight race on off track. That’s not fair! Could easily drop and pop here.
7 JACKS TO OPEN We haven’t seen this guy at the Big M in a long time. Makes me wonder if Surick just thinks he’s better on smaller oval. Maybe. I have a feeling he’d like to face a field one notch lower than this.
8 URSIS DES CAILLONS Another one of the horses brought over from France. Even won down at Freehold after making a break in middle of race. With the hopples on, that helps. But, is he big track quality? Not really sure about that.
9 ANOTHER BREATH Working his way down the class ladder and eventually will find the right spot. I just don’t know if this is it. I hate the post. Looks like he can leave the gate a little. IF price is right, I might consider using.
10 ARCH CREDIT I do not like the outside post for this guy. Also, he loses his regular driver again. I will pass.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 SHAVING MUG Let’s call this guy a “Freehold Specialist.” Has the betting partner here, so we get them both. Owns enough important speed to “set things up” for his partner here. That will keep the pace honest. Good entrymate.
1A MAGNUM MIKE Mike didn’t make it up to the races last week, but it probably wasn’t his fault. He’ll be here this week and looks to be in perfect spot. Gets the ideal midpack post for his style and he just likes to grind them down. Trainer: Was “forgotten” at home last week when trucked shipped to Med. I bet the caretaker won’t make that mistake twice.
2 ROCKAHOLIC No, I didn’t have Rockaholic last week, but if you did, better thank your lucky stars! That might have been the miracle drive of the meet so far from DD. He’s not here tonight, so Scotty Z will try to work the magic.
3 DAYLIGHT RUSH The race at Yonkers was pretty good at huge price. Can’t really like the scratch after that at Philly. Horse obviously has many “issues” so you never know what you’re going to get. Good luck guessing!
4 TITUS SEELSTER Flashed speed and then faded last week. Tough trip here before that. Not much luck for this horse lately, so that will have to change. Looking like a longshot again. Trainer: Left hard last week and made him get tired late. Hopefully, this week Vinny changes his game plan.
5 MIDNIGHT DYLAN N That was a MUCH weaker field that he beat down at Freehold last time. Matched his win total for all of 2018. Do I foresee a repeat here? No.
6 SKYWAY BILLY I thought he might leave and take a shot last week and he did. But, he didn’t finish. I’m beginning to wonder if it might take a drop to the bottom class again before we see Billy in the winner’s circle again. Maybe.
7 WESTERN REDHOT That really wasn’t a bad effort vs. #8 last week, but this time he didn’t get a good post. Unless Marcus leaves a little, he will get away last. That won’t work for sure.
8 POP POP JOE The Pop Pop is sharp right now! That was a super, solid cruise last week when claimed by Greene. He hasn’t claimed anything here in a while, but he got this one. If he stays good, he will win again. Simple as that.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 D GS SHADOWSBELL Never really made a move in the Big M debut from a tougher post. It’s hard to predict total wakeup calls, but maybe this one will race better tonight. Had to need that acclimating mile. Watch the board. Trainer: Draws the rail for second start off the qualifier. Hoping Vinny can sit her up close and we get lucky late.
2 ROSY OUTLOOK Rosy has missed too much time, and looks like a pass in this spot again.
3 DUCK DUCK DRAGON One of many that can probably win this. That was a pretty good rally behind a very impressive winner last week. I might even add a few points if Brie did well in that tougher earlier race. Has post edge, and TT.
4 LIVE ODDS Lots of live betting money for this mare last week and she stopped. Yes, it was windy and that probably didn’t help, but those were slow fractions. She should have had more. Tough to hop back on board again.
5 DANGEROUSPRECEDENT The is prime drop and pop spot for returning 6YO. I do wonder why Corey did not choose her, but I still will! She’s faced and beaten better than this in the past, so no excuses accepted tonight.
6 HAPPILYEVERFASTER Scoots up the Turnpike for a rare big track try. She might be a tad outclassed.
7 FOX VALLEY BAILEY She was “live” again last week and turned in pretty good effort. Nobody was beating Brie that night. This post is slightly better and the Mann will need to use a touch of speed. Not totally out of it.
8 WHISKERSONKITTENS Got a month off and had a needed first start back. And, it wasn’t bad! Good sign. But, she will be severely tested from this rough post. I might wait one more week for a softer spot and better post.
9 AL-MAR-GOT A FEVER Corey ended up taking this one, over #5,6. That surprised me a bit. He must have felt her effort was “better than it looks” last week? Unfamiliar trainer. Bad post. Not much speed. It’s your call, folks.